What We Are Looking For

We are looking to buy established websites with traffic and revenue.

Things We Like To See

What We BUY

We buy forums, content sites, blogs, online tutorials, ebook, affiliate or any other type of niche website.

Not Looking For

The site must not break the terms of its revenue source (google adsense, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you pay for my website?

This is the number one question we get. We don't have a set price simply based on quantity of traffic, domain name or page rank, our valuation will normally be a multiple of current earnings, usually between 1-2 times yearly net income for established sites.

Who are you?

We are website investors looking to buy sites that are generating income or with established traffic. Some people invest in real estate, others the stock market, we prefer small to medium sized online businesses.

What information is needed to receive an offer on my website?

To come up with an offer https://writeessaysforme.com/ we ask for some basic info on unique visitors and revenue numbers (if applicable).

My site is not currently generating much (or any) revenue but does have a lot of traffic and potential.

We don't usually value a site based on its future potential but we are still interested in websites that have an established user base but are undermonitized and we do factor that into our valuation.